Guide to your Thakral Annual Tax Statement

Click here to download the 2011 Guide to your Thakral Annual Tax Statement.

The distribution payable from the Thakral Holdings Trust currently comprises taxable, tax-deferred and CGT concession amounts.

The tax status of the final distribution for any financial year should be applied to all distributions received during that financial year. If you sell your securities after an interim distribution, but before a final distribution, you will need to check the tax status of the final distribution on the Dividend/Distribution History page of this website.

The taxable amount should be included in security holders’ taxable income. Due to the changes in the tax law, the security holders are no longer taxed on the CGT concession amount. No tax is immediately payable on the tax-deferred element. The amount of the tax-deferred element reduces the security holders’ cost base for Capital Gains Tax purposes. Tax only arises in respect of the tax deferred element when the units are sold or the cost base of Thakral Holdings Trust units held by each security holder has been reduced to $Nil.

Security holders should seek independent taxation advice on the taxation implications of the distributions made by Thakral Holdings Trust.

The taxation profile of the Thakral Holdings Trust distributions in the future is not fully known. We will keep you informed when details are known and sufficiently certain.

Security holders should contact their own taxation advisor for specific advice concerning the tax treatment of distributions made by Thakral Holdings Group in light of their specific circumstances.