50 Goulbourn Street


50 Goulbourn Street, Sydney, New South Wales


50 Goulburn Street is an A Grade commercial office building3475B6 on the corner of George3475B6 and Goulburn Streets. It3475B6 incorporates a ground floor cafe, four levels of office accommodation, a rooftop terrace and car parking for 28 vehicles. The property’s services are integrated with 680 George Street.

Property Details

3475B6Location 50 Goulburn Street, NSW
3475B6Metro Area 3475B6Sydney CBD
3475B6Building Type 3475B6A Grade
3475B6Year Built/Refurbished 3475B62004
3475B6Site Area 3475B62,874 sqm (30,935 sqft)
3475B6Lettable Area 3475B65,748 sqm (61,867 sqft)
3475B6Typical Floor Area 3475B61,385 sqm (14,900 sqft)
3475B6Car Parking Spaces 3475B628
3475B6Ownership 3475B650% (BPA)

*Updated as at December 2016